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Poetry and Songs


by various composers

Here are a few songs and poems our family has found to be refreshing. This list will grow as I dig these out of storage and others contribute. Hope you benefit from these as much as my family has.

My latest inspirational I call "From Riches to Rags" as it reflects my experiences in going from a career woman to a homesteader. Hopefully some of you can relate.

Who is that? I stare for a moment in the mirror seeing a figure almost unrecognizable!

What is this? Letting my eyes wonder over the counter before me... Bobby pins? It has been ages since I used those. The wonderful curling irons, frizzers, wavers & other types of styling brushes were so very easy with great results valued by my world of politics, protective fronts & misplaced loyalties. Yet, here I am glaring at them as though they held some type of malicious intent!

Mascara? Eyelid liner? Eyebrower pencils? I so remember the days when a touch of this and/or a dab of that would turn my eyes into illuminations of my inner-most desires! One glance just the right way and over he comes! The slight lowering of my eyelids and f-l-a-s-h, he's mine! OMG what on earth did I need with what I was soliciting?

Still, here I am! Rather shocked I don't see an old lady around 80 yrs old looking back at me; then immediately realizing what I'm seeing is not old at all! Instead, NOW I'm seeing neither!

I stand & walk to my closet! Where are all my clothes? What I see are jeans, sweaters; t-shirts & shorts! Style? Nope! Not in here! How I enjoyed the different ways to dress thru the years! Imported materials to create my own fashions let me stand out in any crowd! (WOW I must have been terribly needy back then!)

Still, here I am! This new (yet not so new) face looking back at me!

I put my hair up in a french braid, climb into my jeans & slip on a pair of old scrub boots; then off I go out to tend the goats. Excitement grows as I venture toward the barn as I know there is a new-born in there! My heart is elated as I walk, looking around at the wonders (the "style") of God's goodness! A smile comes to my heart!

Riches to rags? I think not!

You can also find inspirational videos at my YouTube Channel here that have touched my heart.