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HELLO AND WELCOME to the inspirational & spiritual side of our homestead. We have been inspired throughout the years by what has transpired around us, i.e. the people we have met and/or gotten to know, the ones who have faced debilitating mishaps and overcome them, the books, poetry and songs. Spiritually, we basically believe in the Trinity (God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Ghost). We believe Jesus to be the only begotten Son of God who was born of a virgin and lived among man here on this earth. And we believe in the infallibility of His Word as presented and preserved through the centuries in the Holy Scriptures. You will find we are not ashamed to let ourselves be known in this world & view knowledge of our own shortcomings as a means for improvement. We call ourselves Christians though we view ourselves more often as "Spiritual Israelites" who have been grafted. We meld our human side with our spiritual side as we live in this world; and we lay claim to the gifts our Heavenly Father gave us through his Son's death on the cross of Calvary.

On these pages you will find information as to what has inspired us thru the years, especially with reference to our most recent situation of creating/developing a homestead from scratch. We have gleaned information from a variety of sources--mostly from just staying alive; but much from the King James Version of the Bible. My son, David, being a Bible scholar, explores all the original Scriptures he comes across, comparing them with the King James Version (KJV). He has, also, done extensive research with regard to the prophecies and has just completed a 15-year project in this regard, which has culminated in a publishable book. You can read a "preview" of this book by clicking that button at the top of this page.

I have explored the interpersonal components of life in general as it relates to spiritual phenomenon; and those will be presented here for any who might be interested in a different perspective. There will, also, be stories of miraculous events that have occurred in our lives. And there will be poetry and songs here few have heard.

We ask that you view our site as objectively as possible knowing there is always a new perspective we can refresh ourselves with; and with regard to any spiritual content you find here, we ask that you read with prayer for the guidance of the Holy Spirit; for it is only the Holy Spirit who truly leads us to the truth. None of us claim to have all the truth, either for existing in this world we call Earth or in understanding of spiritual phenomenon. We are constantly striving to learn more. And should you know a truth not found in these pages, please, share it with us in our "inspirational blog", a path thereto being at the top of this page. We will grow together. Since we have chosen our very foundation to be of a spiritual nature, it is our prayer that all who visit us here will be blessed in accordance with the will of our Heavenly Father.