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Gold & Silver Jewelry
as well as specialty items, antiques & loose stones

WELCOME to our small estate sales shop. Here you will find USED JEWELRY. Some of the nicer pieces were appraised in 1990. You will also find some costume pieces, some antiques and even a few stones with which to create your own. Below I've listed a market value of each piece; and some have sold already. However, an estate sale will be coming soon advertising what remains; and during that time, if ALL ITEMS AVAILABLE ARE PURCHASED AT THE SAME TIME, there will be a substantial savings to the buyer....the perfect time to gather items to create your own shop. If interested in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, contact me at "" (without the quotes of course). Also, be aware the "buy" buttons are not working until I can get my new account set up with PayPal. I had to change my data there and it messed up my buttons; so this will take awhile.

This area will contain the different categories of items to be sold, within which will be a "buy now" button for convenience.

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Shop Policies, Payment Options, Shipping Methods & Guarantee

All items will be as described. Each will be packaged to assure protection during travel. Each will be insured for protection of both buyer and seller. If any item is not to your liking, it must be in return mail within 24 hrs. Upon receipt of such item, an appraisal will be made to assure it is the same item (and in the same condition) that had been initially sent; and upon such discovery, a full refund will be made of the selling price. Each item may be purchased by either PayPal, Western Union or a personal check, with the latter delayed only long enough for this type of check to clear my bank.

When Angels Fall From Heaven

The above little image is a hyperlink that will take you to a book (over 12 yrs in the making) that goes into depth relative to Scriptural prophecies.

Please know this will not prove true until I can get my new account set up.

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Here you will find some links to sites I've found that offer specialty items (many home made). I've also included links that enrich the mind and encourage the soul.