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A Small Homestead
I Call Motdaugrnds

WELCOME to our small, 6-acre family farm. It was created for the sole purpose of keeping a beloved mother out of a nursing home. She was in the last stages of a terminal illness called Parkinsons Disease and creating a self-sufficient home was the only way this daughter could think of that would permit the 24/7 care this lady would require. Since the mother's financial situation was below the poverty line and the daughter's efforts to locate a job were thwarted by the times, the grandson (wanting to get out of a painful situation he was in) came to help; and we named our homestead "motdaugrnds" (mot=mother, dau=daughter, grnds=grandson).

I created this website to both honor my precious mother as well as encourage others who find themselves in like circumstances. You, too, can create a homestead, no matter what situation you find yourself in today. It can be done! Set your goal, check your resources and get started. When times get rough, hang onto your faith in a loving God and keep putting one foot in front of the other. Recognize each successful step you make, keeping joy in your heart, praise to the Heavenly Father on your lips and courage in your gait. If I can do it, anyone can! So.......what are you waiting for........

I've set this website up so the development of our little homestead can be recognized as something anyone can do, even if doing it alone. My son and I were both city folk familiar with office work. We knew nothing about living in the country. Everything we did to create this homestead was a new experience; and you will see the many errors we made (in hopes others may learn from our mistakes). On these pages you will find the processes involved in clearing land and setting it up for housing, in fencing and dividing up the acreage and in setting up a garden (with a few raised beds), in establishing an orchard & a vineyard, as well as in selecting what we planted and encouraged to grow for "medicinal" reasons. You will also find what we did to protect all we set up, including information about the selection and choosing of an appropriate LGD (livestock guarding dog).

After you've enjoyed the history of how our little farm was set up and progressed, we hope you will drop by our Inspirational Page to discover the types of things that have kept us going when times got rough. Then, in another part of our site, you will find some educational data you just might find useful. Feel free to take a tour of our site and let us know what you think in the various blogging components. Then drop by our small store where you will find some really nice jewelry, some of the older model construction-type toys and even a few herbal creations I found useful for these old bones. All items in this store will be at more than reasonable prices.